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Natalie Diggins

Entrepreneur in Residence at OpenView Partners.

Sole Proprietorship, Venture Capital

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Natalie Diggins

Content Distribution and Marketing

Listing published on Mon, 26 Sep 2016. Expired about 6 years ago on Mon, 03 Oct 2016.

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As the Entrepreneur in Residence at OpenView Venture Partners I'm ramping up my own blog series discussing product-led growth. While the posts are gaining great traction on OpenView as well as through being included in our weekly newsletters (we have a subscriber list of 40-50K) I want a Peep to help me build my own presence using this content.

My overall goal is to establish my own reputation within my sector, and I am open to guidance from an experienced Peep to help me do so. To start, I would like to use this blog series as a jumping off point to build my brand from a content marketing perspective. I'm looking for a Peep who has targeted experience working with individuals like myself (as opposed to brands).

Each post is first featured on our company website, then cross-posted to Medium a few weeks later - they will eventually be compiled into an e-book. I anticipate writing around 1 post per month. For each post I'd like my Peep to lead any distribution outside of the OpenView channels (we have our own marketing team in place) in order to optimize the post's reach.

You can check out an example post from that series here:


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- Have you worked with an individual to build their personal brand and reputation? Please share examples of who you worked with and your specific responsibilities.

- Please share at least 2 examples of published content you've helped promote for a client. What sort of ROI did you achieve? Please share specifics.

- Do you have any contacts who would be interested in syndicating my posts? If so, would you be able to work with me to get any additional placements?

- After reading through my sample post (above), what channels would you suggest focusing on for distribution?

This job listing has expired.