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I offer social media services to small businesses and non-profits. Other services include web design, digital content strategy, and paid social media.

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Founded in 2016

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Kimberly Behzadi

Graphic Design / Images For Website / Infographic

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I just updated the framework for my new website but I need a few graphics to really help with the branding. I would like a set of twelve images for the website ( I would like the finished files (PNG) but also keep the editable files. They need to be Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator files only - sorry if you use another software, but I want to be able to make changes in the future!

These do not have to be overly complicated images - so here we go! Here's what I'm looking for:

Home Page:
1. A Buffalo - Either solid colored or in a pattern (I'm from Buffalo, NY)
2. A coffee cup on a table - You can use the homepage image I have now as inspiration
3. A left brain / right brain graphic - One of my big differentiators in the industry is I can combine creative (video skills, photoshop skills, writing) with strategic skills (analytics, graphics, etc). I'd love to see that outlined in a graphic. It'd probably be larger graphic somewhere around infographic size?

About Page

4. An Infographic of my education
As you can see on the page, I have a ton of certifications. I haven't even included my formal education (My MBA, my BA, etc). I'd love an infographic of an animated Kim with all of her skills and background

Portfolio Page
5. Some kind of image that depicts at portfolio or client group. I almost imaged a rolodex, but it might be too old school.

Sub-Pages of Portfolio
6. UB School of Management - Graphic for a Blog
Something eye catching that looks like a website/blog. I really need some images to break up all of this text.
7. Buffalo Niagara Choirs
This one we might have to talk over the phone/e-mail for. But I'd like a map or building blocks concept because there were so many different deliverables for this client

Misc Images
social media graphics for: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat
other images with a cell phone w/ some kind of social media open and a laptop that does the same.


Completed within 2 weeks.


1. Do you have a portfolio of work I could see?
2. What is your preferred form of communication?
3. Would you be willing to use a planning tool like Asana or Slack?

This job listing has expired.