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Legal Researchers Required to Research Global Employee Monitoring Laws

Listing published on Thu, 14 Feb 2019. Expired over 3 years ago on Thu, 28 Feb 2019.

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We are looking for legal researchers to research and write a short white-paper on the subject of employee monitoring laws in their country of expertise.

Wordcount: 1,500-2,000 words

For each country the white paper will contain:

• List of relevant employee monitoring laws
• What can or cannot be monitored under the laws
• Consequences for employers whose employees misuse business computers and mobiles
• One example of an employer being prosecuted for the actions of their employees on a computer
• Specific advice as to how to legally implement a monitoring program
• Boilerplate text that can be incorporated into employee contracts or company handbook
Looking to start with the following countries however other countries may still considered:
• Poland
• Ukraine
• Romania
• Belarus
• Argentina
• Brazil
• Philippines
• Malaysia
• Egypt


Completed within 1 month.

This job listing has expired.