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My One Rule

My One Rule started with a smile and a desire to find the best way to talk to nearly everyone you meet with the timeless principle: treat others the way you want to be treated.

Treat others the way you want to be treated. It transcends religion, appearance, opinion, geography, and anything else that makes us different. It is the mother of all values that affect human interaction such as kindness, civility, honesty, loyalty, and more.

Together, we can have a better today and safer tomorrow.

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Founded in 2019

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William Waldock

Marketing Copyrighter or Brand Journalist Wanted For A World-Changing Project

Listing published on Wed, 16 Sep 2020. Expired about 2 years ago on Wed, 30 Sep 2020.

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Talent hits a target no one else can hit; genius hits a target no one else can see …

Maybe that’s you.

· Are you part writer, part psychologist?

· Can you grab the attention of a target buyer and make them feel that your product is the one true thing their lives are desperately missing?

· Do you immerse yourself in buyer personas? Perhaps you were an actor in a past life.

· Can you write copy that inspires, educates, empathizes, terrifies and/or just gently guides your audience towards you?

· Can you set up, develop, and sustain an argument in an appropriate tone of voice over a long-form piece?

· Are you good at:

o Web page copy

o Blogs

o Multi-media Extravaganzas

o VideoScript

o Email Campaigns

· Can you turn a website into a high-profile, must-visit, share-worthy media property?

If answered yes to most of the questions above, YOU ARE A STAR. And we would love to talk to you about a very special project.

In a noisy world, we need a copywriter who can clarify our message and brand and tell an engaging story that stands out.

While there are many different styles of copywriters (all great btw) – currently, we are looking for the above.

We have an inspiring project that needs your special voice in creating original, intelligent, engaging and helpful content that guides our audience to share our content and to a buying decision.

Take a look at our site

If you are confident you can do these things, and have visited our site let’s talk.


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This job listing has expired.