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Webb Investment Network

About the Webb Investment Network (WIN): Maynard Webb, former COO of eBay and current Chairman of Yahoo!, created the Webb Investment Network in 2010 to formalize the investing he’s done over the past fifteen years. WIN’s goal is to invest in companies that aim to change the world, particularly in mobile, consumer Internet, and cloud applications. With our 75+ member Affiliate Network, WIN is able to draw not only from Maynard’s experience and insight but also from those CEOs, CTOs, founders and investors who make up the WIN Affiliate Network to provide our portfolio companies with much more than capital: on-demand advice. To learn more, please visit

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Founded in 2010

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Kevin Webb

Head of Community

Listing published on Thu, 23 Apr 2015. Expired over 7 years ago on Mon, 04 May 2015.

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Purpose: To facilitate interactions and connections among the very unique community of people we have built at WIN. Our network is composed of extremely seasoned technologists (our Affiliates) and the talented entrepreneurs whose companies we have invested in.

We are seeking a Peep with high energy, creativity, and structure to help us design, manage, and execute an events strategy that caters to the needs of our constituents. Our ideal Peep is an organized multi-tasker who is an active listener and has a passion for technology entrepreneurship and helping others reach their goals. While events will be the core focus of our community-building, we are looking for someone who is flexible enough to wear other hats as needed to serve these people better.

Key Responsibilities:
• Working in concert with Kevin Webb to design and execute this year’s WIN Summit (a 125-person, 24-hour offsite at Costanoa Eco-Resort).
o This role will entail working with sponsors, managing a budget, overseeing communications, assisting on setting a schedule, coordinating with speakers, finding and managing vendors, and more.
• Design and implement a WIN-only dinner once a year with a high-profile speaker.
• Work with the team to design and implement ~20 smaller events throughout the year. Systematically solicit and suggest ideas for high-impact, low-budget events, develop metrics for success, collect feedback, and report findings after each one. This person is a passionate listener, always paying attention to findings and responses to each event, then incorporating that information into future events and sharing it with the team to better our overall approach.
o When appropriate, collect notes on valuable content shared.
• Oversee an annual budget, and propose a strategy and budget for the following year.
• Build relationships with our Affiliates, founders, and founders’ employees to better understand their needs. Help us better understand their needs, energize and delight them.
• Provide additional community support as-needed, such as: managing the @winfunding Twitter account, ensuring portfolio founders’ questions are answered on our internal knowledge-sharing platform, building and facilitating “micro-communities” within WIN, tracking and managing resources available to founders, and more.


Mid-May, seeking either part- or full-time help, depending on the candidate.


Qualifications for this role include:
• Past experience organizing complex events of 100+ people.
• BA or equivalent degree preferred.
• Experience working with seasoned executives or senior management.
• Familiarity with web and software products like Microsoft Office, Eventbrite, Mailchimp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, etc. Adobe Creative Suite a plus.
• Experience managing budgets.

Work environment:
WIN is an extremely small team that operates much like a startup. All of us wear many hats, and we work remotely 2-3 days every week. Peeps must be comfortable in a self-directed environment, and will need to be highly responsive and accountable. A Peep filling this role should expect to work with the team in-person at least two days a week.

This job listing has expired.