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UX/UI Designer to build Web App UI Style Guide

Listing published on Wed, 28 Sep 2016. Expired about 6 years ago on Wed, 05 Oct 2016.

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Seeking an experienced UX/UI designer to define a comprehensive UX style guide for the Command Center web app. The application has been in production for many months with a strong user base. However, most of the UX/UI was kept to a minimum in order to iterate quickly in response to user feedback. As a result, there is a lack of UX definition and cohesiveness that needs to be addressed.

We need an experienced UX designer do a full audit of the application, then codify a list of guidelines into a UX Style Guide. This guide will be used by our internal dev team to fix existing interface issues and build interfaces for new features.

The existing UI is based on a customized implementation of the Bootstrap. We prefer to continue using Bootstrap, but would like to minimize/remove the superfluous customizations. Therefore, the guidelines within the UX Style Guide should point to specific Bootstrap styles, components and JavaScript that should be used, and will include a minimum of customizations of the Bootstrap Framework outside of simple cosmetic changes (e.g. updating colors to match the Branding Guide)

Idea candidates:
- Have several years of specific experience in UX/UI design (with examples of relevant work)
- Can work closely with a fast-moving company that has a start-up mindset and culture
- Desire for a potential long-term relationship with on-going design work

- A comprehensive UX Style guide based on our existing Branding Style guide, broken in to logical sections that include specifications and visual examples of all necessary UI styles and components.
- A end-to-end audit of the existing application user flow with recommendations for improvement of UX, design and flow based on basic usability best practices and testing.

This is a list of style guides that are similar to what we would like have developed:


Completed within 1 month.

This job listing has expired.