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Copy-Editing for Video Script

Listing published on Wed, 28 Sep 2016. Expired over 4 years ago on Wed, 05 Oct 2016.

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We are looking for someone with lots of experience with copy-editing. Ideally, this person should also have experience with speechwriting and short, non-fiction pieces.

The script is for a short video and is currently at 4000 words. We are looking for someone to go in and make edits focusing on two main components: clarity and simplicity. We want someone who knows how to hone in on areas that need to be made simpler/clearer and will keep to the tone of the script. We also need that person to be aware that this script is intended to be read out loud and listened to, and not read, and keep that in mind while editing.


Completed within 1 week.


- Please let us know why you would be a good fit for this job and whether you would be able to turn it around in 1-2 days upon receipt of the script. Please also let us know whether you would be willing to sign an NDA before receiving the script.

- Please let us know how many hours you might expect this to take.

This job listing has expired.