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Pieter Hutahayan

WordPress Developer

Listing published on Mon, 03 Oct 2016. Expired about 6 years ago on Mon, 10 Oct 2016.

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Fixed. Paid out after 30 days.
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15%. Sign up and subscribe to a plan to reduce fee.

Development of a website on WP. I have the design already made in Photoshop. The work needs to be done in 3 weeks. We're wanting to develop a website similar to a website that was already done before. Contact me and I can send you a sample of the website we're looking to build.


Completed within 1 month.


How long have you been developing a website for?
Please send me samples of the site that you've done before and tell me what your role during that website development. Did you code the website yourself? Did you work with another developer on the website that you developed? How long did it take you to build the website you did?

This job listing has expired.