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Dr. Richard Zienowicz, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr. Zienowicz is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon and an associate professor of surgery at Brown University Medical Center.

Sole Proprietorship, Health & Wellness
Founded in 1991

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Richard Zienowicz

Instagram Specialist

Listing published on Sun, 09 Oct 2016. Expired about 6 years ago on Mon, 17 Oct 2016.

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Fixed. The budget is automatically paid out each cycle.
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15%. Sign up and subscribe to a plan to reduce fee.

I would like to begin regular content posting on Instagram that is creative, offers mixed media diversity and is differentiated from the competition. Would like to set-up 1 post per day.

Dr. Z is a great surgeon, does a lot of speaking around the country and world and is known for a lively personality and fantastic results.?


I’m not sure


- You should have experience with setting up and sending creative content efficiently and independently.

- I would appreciate someone who is familiar with current social media trends, ideally in health and wellness, who can lead the effort to send out several postings per week.

- I would like edgy content that catches attention and is interesting to the viewer.

- Please share examples of clients you've worked with and accounts you've managed that showcase your ability create engaging content and build organic followings on social media.

This job listing has expired.