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I teach people how to make good YouTube videos. It’s a 3-week, online workshop. On Saturday of each week, students watch 5 or so tutorial videos I created on various video-production principles. Students take Saturday through Wednesday to make a video that includes those principles. Thursday and Friday, we all review each other’s videos to see how well everyone incorporated those principles. And Saturday, they watch 5 or so more tutorial vids to learn more video production techniques.

Startup, Education
Founded in 2016

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Brett Juilly

Kickstarter Campaign Promotion

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I need someone to promote my Kickstarter campaign for my soon-to-be-launched website, We'll be focusing on new YouTubers, especially teens who want to start making videos but who are intimidated by all the details of the process: coming up with fun topics, creating an arc in each video, camera framing, lighting, set dressing, talking on camera, being funny, fast editing, intro & outro, etc. We can tell them I've made almost a thousand fun YouTube videos since I started in 2006, I have about 40,000 subscribers, and I have a Bachelor of Arts in Film, so I know what I'm talking about!

The Kickstarter campaign goal is just $10,000. If we reach that, and if you and I like working together, I'll pay you most of that $10,000 to continue promoting the classes on We'll also promote the heck out of the classes in December so teens ask for it as a holiday gift. (The 3-week class session is only $20, so most anyone can afford it even if someone doesn't buy it for them as a gift.)


Completed within 1 month.


Please describe any experience you've had promoting Kickstarter campaigns.

Also, please describe any experience you have with YouTube or YouTubers, especially any promotions you've done or contacts / resources you have.

This job listing has expired.