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Dean Street Society

Online entrepreneurship, social media and style courses

Startup, Education
Founded in 2011

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Ratko Ivanović

Digital Copywriter for an Online Teaching Business

Listing published on Thu, 20 Oct 2016. Expired over 4 years ago on Thu, 27 Oct 2016.

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About Us:
Dean Street Society and founder Hilary Rushford teach online courses with a passion for helping people experience more joy and less overwhelm in their style, business and life. With a 6-figure audience and 7-figure revenue, the brand is moving to the next level in 2017 helping hundreds of thousands more with their powerful joy-filled teaching and community. Based in Brooklyn we love local team members though much of Team Dean remains remote worldwide.

We’re Hiring:
A digital copywriter who specializes in creative marketing/storytelling, is self motivated, collaborative, detail oriented, and highly organized.

You MUST have an understanding of the online marketing world, be a confident writer and able to properly carry the voice of our brand. The ideal candidate has experience in creating compelling, brand appropriate concepts and building stories for email and video based campaigns.

You’ll Be:
Developing and managing the in-house digital copywriting process with some carryover into social media marketing and direct mail.
Developing product narratives across all digital and offline channels.
Fact-checking, proofreading copy and QC’ing (Quality Controlling) final copy for all content and programs/product creation and launches.
Developing messaging guidelines as well as a ‘Copy Dictionary’ to standardize and implement consistent brand language use.
Collaborating with team members (CEO, product managers, strategy, designers, and developers) to create visual and optimized content.

Primary Experience and Skills Required:
2+ years of creative copywriting experience with a consistent track record of developing a cohesive brand message and tone across all digital and offline channels.
Advanced experience working with information/education companies to produce high revenue-earning product launches.
Great conceptual skills and knowledge of how company copy should connect with brand’s content, design, graphics and typography.


3 to 6 months


State your experience in writing copy for launches. (especially sales pages) List a couple of people/businesses you worked with in the past. What's your experience in strategies and ideation?

This job listing has expired.