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I offer social media services to small businesses and non-profits. Other services include web design, digital content strategy, and paid social media.

Sole Proprietorship, Advertising & Marketing
Founded in 2016

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REPOST Online Marketing Materials

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Hello fellow Peeps!

I am looking for online marketing materials for when I submit to fellow Peeps or need to send pitches to potential clients that are non-Peeps. I'm tired of simple screenshots of my social media work. I'd like to design something that follows the style of my website (left brain-right brain) to include some creative samples and analytics.

1. 1-Page PDF format / a sell sheet about who I am (see above paragraph)
2. 1-Page PDF format / just creative examples
3. 1-Page PDF format / just analytic highlights

I have all the metrics and I can get you the creative (screenshots, etc). What I'm really looking for is a concise and engaging layout. My non-Peep social media clientele is an audience who knows they "need" social media but they don't know what they actually "need" so I want this to be easy to read and approachable. Let's skip the buzzwords and slang.

This is close to what I am looking for - but I'd like to have more direct samples of my work incorporated and maybe a nice customer testimonial or quote:

But this is the kind of style I'm looking for!

I want to make sure I have the original file and a breakdown of image sizes used as well. That way if I ever want to swap out client work for another that option is available.


Not sure.


1. Have you made social media sell sheets or brochures before?

2. Will you be able to work within the branding colors I have?

3. What software do you plan on using?

4. Can I see some cool samples? Please?

This job listing has expired.