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Buying Intel

Buying Intel provides Business Intelligence to retail fashion buyers by delivering a newsfeed on the price, promotion and range strategies of their selected competitors.

Startup, Retail
Founded in 2013

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Anne Heaney

Inbound Marketing Specialist

Listing published on Sun, 03 May 2015. Expired over 7 years ago on Mon, 11 May 2015.

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We are an Australian based, B2B retail software company with a niche target market.

We are looking for a Social Media / Inbound marketing specialist to drive traffic to our site, increase awareness of our product and gain new customers.
The ideal applicant will be a highly experienced in digital marketing, from lead generation, marketing automation and email marketing, content and inbound marketing, and of course have a track record in planning SMM campaigns.

Your responsibilities would include:

-Recommend, build and implement digital marketing with funnel conversion in mind
-Recommend, develop and implement social media strategies for all relevant social networking platforms.
-Management of our Social Media Platforms, posting regular, targeted, quality content.
-Grow our audience with a particular focus on Linkedin.
-Analyse impact and provide reporting for social media programs and campaigns
-Analyse our website to identify missed opportunities and optimise
-Collaborate with team members and others to coordinate social media content and initiatives
-Build, manage and nurture social networks
-Understand the different aspects of a Startup's Marketing activities
-Intel, build and optimize email marketing campaigns with funnel conversions in mind.
-Produce and manage a content production cycle (topic ideas => write engaging content => post to channels => content promotion => conversion metrics)


Beginning ASAP. Time roughly 4 - 5 hours per week.


Please share any recommendations and examples of successful B2B campaigns you've delivered.

This job listing has expired.