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Article: Focus and execution of leadership - Microsoft under Satya Nadella

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Article about focus and execution using Microsoft as the case study. Under the leadership of Satya Nadella we have seen some pretty terrific changes out of Microsoft.

1- cloud growth to be #2 to amazon
2- App Store execution - running an assortment of ms apps on other operating systems
3- innovation in the news, seems like everyday they are in the news for a break through in AI, cloud, mobile, gaming, LinkedIn purchase
4- stock price is the highest it's been in years
5- windows 10 continued growth and dominance and while it runs some people the wrong way they have changed their operating system to be an always up to date service rather than something you buy every few years
6- the growth and dominance of Surface as an entire product brand

2000-2500 words in length


Completed within 1 week.

This job listing has expired.