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We produce and sell maqui (a super antioxidant food-- please go to our website for more info). We are based in Chile and just started distribution in the US (specifically NY and NJ) and we are looking to expand our social media presence to target more the american consumer. most of the content will be produced by us but you will help us on this front as well.

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Founded in 2000

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Social Media Community Manager

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Yes, we are looking for a combination of both-- social media + community manager!
Mas Maqui a newly introduced super food (antioxidant) to the US is looking for a do-a-little-bit-of everything- type of social media manager.

- Continue to develop our strategy on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social sites.
- Create buzzworthy/viral content based on brand needs
- Develop an editorial calendar to coordinate publishing schedules
- Promote posts and advertisements via social media promotions
- Grow social media followers through targeted promotions
- Ideate, develop, and run social media marketing campaigns
- Engage with friends, fans, and followers on various social platforms
- Keep on top of the latest social media marketing trends
- Work with influencers (there is a budget), to post about the product.

We are based in Chile (Maqui is a super food originally from South America) but just started distribution in the United States - starting with NY and NJ. We have big plans - our goal is to reach the other coast by next year (and increase number of supermarkets by 1,000). THIS is where we need YOUR help. We want more people in the US about the health benefits about our product!

Skill Requirements:

- Excellent with creative concepts
- Great writing/editing skills
- Advanced knowledge of photo and video editing software
- Knowledge of building a large Facebook and Twitter following
- Expertise creating consumer-facing content

More details:
Salary: 1,000 a month for 20 to 25 hours per month.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


More than 12 months

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Eastern Time (US & Canada) with ±2 hours of overlap.

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This job listing has expired.