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Todd Squitieri

Marketing Strategist

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I am looking for a marketing strategist to help me develop a selling strategy for selling my new information product, an eBook about my experience with teaching. This person should have experience with both old and new media, not necessarily my niche.

I’m looking for someone to help me dry test products to similar markets to see if there’s even a need for such a product as mine in a given market before actually launching the product to that market.

Timeframe I’m looking at would be 1-2 months from the start to finish and the price would be negotiable.

Since this is a marketing assignment, I have a very hands-on approach to this and would be working with someone closely on this, expecting regular feedback, on a weekly basis.

If interested, please tell me your favorite marketing author. No need to write a long proposal, keep it to a 250-word minimum and just let your experience and credentials speak for themselves. I will contact you if your proposal speaks to the expressed needs above.

If you have a portfolio of product launches, would love to see a website or some other material in your proposal.

Looking forward!


Not sure.


Which marketer have you been most influenced by?
What are your favorite books on marketing?
Have you designed and implemented an optimum selling strategy for a company?

This job listing has expired.