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XIRA Connect, LLC

XIRA is a technology company. We provide a platform that benefits professionals and their clients, helping the professionals with their work and helping their clients with their lives. In our business model, the platform is free for consumers. Our company was founded in 2019. We are headquartered in CA; we live all over the USA & work remotely. Our launch is targeting the CA market.

Startup, Tech
Founded in 2019

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Donna Childress

New Company Press Release, Pitch to Media, Open to other Publicity Ideas. CA. Legal Technology.

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Our start up, formed in 2019, is in stealth mode, but we will be emerging shortly (by May 1). For our launch, we need publicity. We are planning a press release with pitches to targeted media in the CA market. Our technology that helps professionals and clients alike. Note this is a 2-sided business model - toward professionals and toward clients. We need you to help us write the release (we have a very good story already & it will be newsworthy), pitch it to national and local (CA) media, put it on a wire (you recommend the wire) and help us with other publicity ideas. We pay out of pocket expenses (e.g. the wire fee). Very tight timeline. We launch 5/1/2020. We need a PR pro with the tools and contacts needed to get national and local pick up of our story. I'm listing this as a one-time job, but there could be additional work, depending on how this goes.


Completed within 1 month.


Tell me about a time you have helped a B2C or a B2B2C start-up achieve public awareness in a tight timeline?
Are you willing to sign an NDA since we are still in stealth mode?

This job listing has expired.