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Onus iV Hydration

We are a proactive agent of wellness, utilizing vitamin iV infusions to inspire everyone to live their best days!

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Chaz Faulhaber

PR Professional for iV Company

Listing published on Tue, 18 Sep 2018. Expired over 2 years ago on Tue, 02 Oct 2018.

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Hello everyone!

Onus iV Hydration is in the midst of an expansion over state lines and as such is seeking out someone who can help garner and manage the right PR for our needs. We are an iV infusion brand based in Denver, Colorado and currently the largest iV brand in the state with three locations.

Seeking a PR pro who can help craft our brand story as we begin exploring new target mindsets and traits in a very different part of the country. I'll be looking for help with overall strategy & awareness, and there is an expectation of a garnering local press where possible, however, we seem to do well with large media outlets as well (we've been featured in Outside magazine, Runner's World and were interviewed for the Wall Street Journal)

While we are small this is a relationship that I fully intend to grow and expand upon with the right person!


More than 6 months


Please provide any relevant experience with lifestyle oriented brands. While we are a medical company, we are a lifestyle brand focused on motivating our user base towards being active.

This job listing has expired.