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Aiir Digital Increases Paid Lead Traffic By Optimizing Campaigns Conversion Rates which Lowers CPL by 30% on Avg. & Increase Inbound Leads Over 2.5x

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Google AdWords PPC

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15%. Sign up and subscribe to a plan to reduce fee.

Hey Everyone! Our company works in the Home Improvement Industry & We’re looking for a Google Ads PPC Analyst to bring on the team.

Google Ads will consist of
-Utilizing Scripts
-Manually Bidding on Placements
-Creating Negative Keyword List
-Creating Remarking List for Search Ads
-Creating SiteLinks
-Using Google Ads Editor
-Grabbing Data From 4 Other Sources to Scale

You will also be working with our Copywriter to Create Compelling Ads & Split Test Landing Pages

Depending the customer your be paid a build out fee as well as a monthly managing fee. If this sound like something that you’d be interested in just go ahead and hit me back and we can hop on a a Skype or Zoom call and discuss further.
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This job listing has expired.