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Sandro Tuzzo

Customer Success Manager/UX Designer to help set up Intercom and analytics

Listing published on Sun, 23 Jun 2019. Expired almost 2 years ago on Sun, 07 Jul 2019.

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SAAS platform for law firms to automate documents and share files with clients needs a customer success manager to help set up customer interaction platform. We mainly need to make sure that customers are adequately supported and monitored while using the application. Current tools setup are Intercom, Mixpanel and LuckyOrange.

The job description will change as work is commenced, however the following are examples of specific projects: 1) Articles have been written and will need to be configured to specific events within the application. 2) Customer support goals and messaging will have to be configured so that customer support representatives can respond within a reasonable time period. 3) Analytics will need to be configured on Mixpanel and Intercom so that customer behavior and progress can be monitored by the development team.

Although the job does not require any custom software development, a familiarity with configuring third party customer facing platforms is essential.


1-3 months, possibly longer.


Have you worked with Intercom before? Have you had experience using analytics to track customer progress?

This job listing has expired.