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Web Developer: Bubble Expert/WordPress

Listing published on Mon, 09 Dec 2019. Expired over 1 year ago on Mon, 23 Dec 2019.

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Fixed. Paid out after 30 days.
Service fee
15%. Sign up and subscribe to a plan to reduce fee.

We are looking for a web developer (NOT A DESIGNER) to take a WordPress/Bubble e-commerce website design & finish the site. The finished product will consist of a gateway, Elavon processor, as well as PayPal invoicing capabilities. and will also incorporate a broker/ affiliate feature, including the ability to collect & store information in a CSV format and account login for the 7 products that we have, plus a filter feature for the inventory.

Most of the marketing/info pages (the home, pricing, etc) are in Wordpress. All of the pages of the site that actually have to do with the features, including the login and signup, the dashboards, the checkout, etc. are all built on bubble.

Most of the front end of the site is built using bubble and the entire backend is on bubble as well. Everything is built but the functionality does not work properly and needs to be fixed.

We will also consider removing Bubble & replacing those features with another platform, we are not married to Bubble.

We need you to take what we have completed on Bubble and fix the functionality and make sure the features work properly if you are not proficient in CSS, Bubble & PHP PLEASE don’t apply for this assignment.

We have a video of us testing the entire site so that you can see what works & what needs to be fixed, along with a written document to reference the video.

WE CANNOT ACCEPT HOURLY BIDS at this time, and we cannot respond to any bids over the fixed budget amount, of $500.

We pay through cloudpeeps, we will not respond to other payment requests. We will put the money in escrow & release the funds after the job is done. (When everything works) All work must pass Q & A, and we need to retain all rights to whatever plugins, or content that is developed for our site.

We are only working with freelancers located in the U.S. at this time, PLEASE don’t respond unless you meet & agree with all of the above requirements.



Completed within 1 week.

Time zone preference
Pacific Time (US & Canada) with ±2 hours of overlap.

If you don't know bubble, please don't apply for this job.

This job listing has expired.