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Cunningham Concept Incorporated

Feature Film Studios, Car Companies, and Product Development Teams, all interested in designing something new, possibly avant-garde, and always exciting, have been collaborating with me for over 15 years on both coasts and several continents to co-author original material which sometimes takes the shape of a concept, a futuristic automobile, or a blockbuster motion picture. 'Cunningham Syntax' Electric Supercar Concept recently featured in Robb Report and Robb Report Singapore.

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Matthew Cunningham

PR and Digital Marketing Specialist - Design

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Im a fairly well known concept designer, international speaker, and design educator, and I am interested in hiring a PR and digital marketing specialist. This is my first time doing this, so I am using a discretionary budget of 1-2k to test the waters. My main goal is to raise visibility of my brand and attract high net worth clients and other fortune 500s to contract my firms design services. Chinese and Middle Eastern connections are a plus.


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This job listing has expired.