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I create awesome sounds for people to listen to and hope to help others in chasing their dreams, whatever they may be!

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Joshua Suereth

Instagram and Facebook Social Media Marketer

Listing published on Sat, 01 Dec 2018. Expired almost 4 years ago on Mon, 31 Dec 2018.

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My name is Josh, or Abl, Im a 21 year old aspiring DJ from Tampa Florida producing primarily Dubstep and Electro house. Im currently working toward booking more shows and beginning to tour. Ive been working on music for approximately 8 months, and will be releasing originals in 1-2 months. Music is my passion above everything else and 10 years from now i will be known as one of the most creative and innovative DJs of my generation, I'm starting work on building a strong team to make that happen now.

My goal is to have a solid foundation on social media to build from by the time I begin to release originals. I feel my brand is unique in that it has a concept deeper than just music, and I would love to work long term in achieving all that is possible from a brand perspective. Currently I create mixes and have a handful of shows under my belt with more to come in December. I would like to increase turnout to events i play at, so I'm looking for growth primarily in Florida but not limited to Florida.

What I'm looking for:

-{ Experience with growing artist pages
-{ Communication and updates
-{ Organization
-{ Creative and innovative thinking
-{ Professional attitude
-{ Interest in the brand and the philosophy behind it

Manage Instagram account
-{ +1,000 followers over 1-2 months, +7,500 over 6 months
-{ Post 5 times per week
-{ Engage with Likes, Followers, and Comments
-{ Targeted growth and engagement

Manage Facebook account
-{ Post 2 times per week
-{ Engage with Likes, Followers, and Comments
-{ Targeted growth and engagement

~Pay is negotiable~


I’m not sure


What past experience do you have?
How old are you?
Do you manage other accounts simultaneously?
What are your personal interests?
Where are you located?

This job listing has expired.