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Listing published on Tue, 13 Aug 2019. Expired over 3 years ago on Tue, 27 Aug 2019.

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We are looking for a creative Animator to develop excellent visual frames with 2D and other techniques. Your work will give life to storylines and characters in educational and explainer videos.

This is a work from home position and candidates must have own laptop and Internet access. To excel in this role, you must be highly skilled in using Adobe after affects, creating characters and bespoke assets, working with audio and have a high level of English.

Read scripts and storylines to understand animation requirements
Develop storyboards for the initial stages of production
Create drawings and illustrations by hand or electronically
Join images with background graphics and special effects
Ensure synchronization of frames and audio

Could you send me a CV and some example of your work please if you are interested with the position?


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This job listing has expired.