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Live Large Design creates beautiful public platforms that uplifts the visibility and effectiveness of its clients. We provide unique and effective strategy, graphic design, web design and promotional services.

We want to help you reach your target market. Our services provide a platform for powerful exposure and positioning that includes business strategy, logo design, visual collateral, websites, technical services, and marketing outreach.

Agency, PR & Communications
Founded in 2011

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Adele Wiejaczka

Creative Agency Project Manager

Listing published on Sun, 06 May 2018. Expired over 4 years ago on Sun, 20 May 2018.

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I am looking for a skilled, organized and highly motivated project manager for my fast paced design agency. We provide graphic design (logos, branding, layouts, books, etc) and website design (design and development) for our clients, with many ongoing clientele. I'm looking for someone who is highly communicative and client centric to help nurture the design process (you will walk clients through our pre-determined process, but I'm also interested in your input on how to make the process better). As a designer, I am skilled at the creative aspects and start of projects, but need to support of a PM to help the project through to completion with perfection. This is an ongoing position and I'm looking for someone interested in being a part of the team for the foreseeable future. I take my client interaction very seriously, but my business also has a fun and adventurous feel to it. We attract start-ups, environmental companies, outdoor and tourism based companies, etc, most of which are based out of the US. I currently use Teamwork and 17 Hats as my CRM and PM system, and would ask you to communicate with both clients and other team members. I am detail oriented and expect my team to be as well, but I also understand the learning curve as long as we are always striving to improve. This is a growth-centric environment, where I ask my team to participate in the company culture. Looking forward to hearing from you!


More than 12 months


Have you worked as a PM before? Can you provide some examples of how you have helped companies grow with your services?
What makes you passionate about your work?
Are you comfortable with clear, directive feedback and also providing that?

This job listing has expired.