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SaaS company for Amazon sellers using Google Sheets and spreadsheets

Startup, Ecommerce
Founded in 2018

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Skilled writer with excellent spreadsheet skills to write long form tutorials

Listing published on Mon, 25 May 2020. Expired 10 months ago on Wed, 24 Jun 2020.

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Work type
Billing type
Fixed. The budget is automatically paid out each cycle.
Monthly budget
Service fee
15%. Sign up and subscribe to a plan to reduce fee.

Main skills required
- English
- Strong blogging experience - portfolio required as proof
- Google Sheets/MS Excel ninja skills and knowledge

Article Writing Requirements
Looking for a long term and very strong writer with ninja level Google or MS spreadsheet knowledge and skills.

You will be writing in-depth tutorials on spreadsheets.
Topics such as:
- How e-commerce sellers should use INDEX MATCH formulas
- How to create a sales tracker spreadsheet in Google Sheets
- How to design an inventory template in Google Spreadsheet

Examples of our existing tutorials:

We publish very long and detailed articles with lots of screenshots, images.

The type of person we are looking for
- We are looking for somebody who can be part of our team.
- We have worked with our best freelancers for more than 6 years.
- We pay on time. We pay for quality. We provide very clear briefs and requirements.

This is what we hope the end goal to be like:

- We provide a topic about the article.
- We will give instructions of what we are looking for.
- E.g. "10 ways to use vlookup for ecommerce sellers"

It is then up to you to:
- create outline and discuss. Ask questions about any directions if unclear.
- do keyword research and get confirmation of direction first
- write the article by including screenshots, short videos, graphics
- write conversationally with personality. Not an essay or academic paper.

How to apply
As an easy check to see how detailed you are, answer this question in your application.

In your opinion, what is an underrated function?


More than 6 months


- Provide writing sample of technical long form article
- In your opinion, what is an underrated function?

This job listing has expired.