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We support businesses to develop a solid data measurement strategy to leverage data in the best possible way to enable data-driven marketing decisions and smart personalisation of the Customer Experience on all digital touchpoints to increase business opportunities.
BitBang offers services and best practices in Customer Intelligence, Advanced Analytics & Optimization, Modern Intelligence, Data Management, Machine Learning/AI and Cloud Engineering.

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Kelly Puffer

Content Writer for Digital Marketing/Big Data Consultancy

Listing published on Mon, 24 Feb 2020. Expired over 2 years ago on Mon, 09 Mar 2020.

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A consulting company in digital marketing is looking for a content writer to provide content in english (occasionally in Italian) for:
Website - we are looking to develop more educational and clear content for our website regarding the services we do (this is the most urgent projects that we need to work on as soon as possible)
Blog - we would like to start creating content to write our own blog posts at least 2 per month (this would start to be published once the website is completed in June) We would also like to write 1 blog per month for a partner.
Case Study - we would like to start developing well-written case studies for our website to educate the audience the variety of services we can provide. We would like to start this project immediately, working on 5/6 different client cases over the next few months plus standard business cases without the client name involved. (again this is an ongoing project)
Other - we will require various content to be created throughout the year on an ad hoc basis and look for a reliable Content professional who has experience and knowledge in the field of Digital Marketing/Analysis/Optimisation/Personalisation
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This job listing has expired.