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John D.

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John has been writing website content for nearly 20 years and is well-versed in all things SEO.

  • Riverside, CA, USA
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John D.
Riverside, CA, USA



John has been writer SEO oriented content for the web for nearly 20 years. When he is not writing and meeting deadlines for clients, he is working on a crime novel.

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Article describes terminology about weight ratings and how consumers can decide on which vehicle to buy based on their needs.
Replacing a Washing Machine Tub Belt for Spin Cycle
Discusses how to do-it-yourself repair the belt in a washing machine.
How to Remove an Ice Maker From a Kenmore 106
A do-it-yourself guide that discusses how to remove an ice maker from a Kenmore refrigerator
Basement Dehumidifier and Ventilation Systems
Article discusses using dehumidifiers and ventilation systems in the basement of your home.
14 Easy DIY Winter Bird Feeders
Discusses different types of birdfeeders that home owners can build for the birds in and around their property
14 Ways to Cover a Hideous Ceiling
Discusses different steps and methods you can take to get rid of a hideous looking ceiling in your home.
How to Keep Your Trash Can from Flying in the Wind
Discusses different options a homeowner has to secure trash can when you live in a very windy area
12 Ways to Prepare for Your Spring Garden While it’s Still Cold
No need to wait until Spring actually arrives to start planning your garden. You can get started now and have everything that you need when it comes time to plant


What is a serial killer

What is a Serial Killer?

This piece is an as yet rough draft of the first chapter of my Serial Killer book.


Confessions of a serial killer

Sample writing of the first page of my rough draft for a serial killer novel I am working on


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