Johnny G.

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I'm a right-brain guy with a whole lot of left-brain tendencies. Written for startups and presidential campaigns. I sell words that talk.

  • New York, NY, United States
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Johnny G.
New York, NY, United States



Went to school to be a journalist, studied art direction, and finally came home to roost as a copywriter. I've written words for Tropicana, Nationwide, Samsung, State Farm, VISA, Hertz, Sherwin Williams, Travelocity, and others.


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What I read

WIRED, Money, AdAge, NYTimes, Lifehacker, FiveThirtyEight, entrepreneurial books

Side projects

I run a popular personal finance blog, That side project opened up a contributing writing gig with AOL. I launched a Walter White bobblehead doll into space and 2 million people have watched it.