Joanna R.

  • Joined April 2015

An experienced marketing generalist with a knack for leveraging lean budgets to grow small businesses.

  • Mountain View, CA, United States
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Joanna R.
Mountain View, CA, United States



I'm a marketer with 6 years experience in both B2B and B2C marketing strategies, on both a high level and implementation level. Roles at local tech companies have sharpened my skills in all aspects of marketing; branding, content, social, email, etc.


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What I read

I do a lot of social media consumption, for better or worse. I'm an instagram geek and can double-tap and adjust filters for days. But I also love travel blogs, listening to podcasts (Freakanomics, StartUp, Planet Money..) etc.

Side projects

I've created collateral for a small tech companies; instruction booklets, postcards, one pagers. Created content for blog, social, email marketing, web, mailings, press releases,. I've also focused a lot on influencer and field marketing strategies.