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Jonathan P.

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20+ Years Experience Designing Business Models, Branding, Marketing Systems, Product & Service Offerings, SEO & User Experiences..

  • Indianapolis, IN, United States
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Jonathan P.
Indianapolis, IN, United States

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Design Marketing Social Media Strategy Growth



20+ yrs. Experience: Founded and designed the business models, marketing, sales funnels, websites, SEO & experiences for my companies from idea to acquisition ranging from $30M - $520M. Designed for VC's, Start-ups, Entrepreneurs & Fortune 100 companies.

Work history

Chief Design Officer | Head of Experience Design | Strategic Design Director
At TDG, we strategically design business models, branding, marketing systems, websites, apps, product & service offerings, SEO, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, sales funnels and user experiences that are Beautiful, Cohesive and Get Results.™
Founder: Chief Experience Officer | Marketing Director
Personal Philanthropic Project: Designed and developed a Crowdfunding platform for social entrepreneurs, start-ups and charities. Designed the business model, system, analytics, marketing, follow-up systems, infrastructure to get the offering to launch.
Chief Experience Officer | Chief Marketing Officer
As the Chief Experience Officer my roles were to Speak and Design for the Clients - Internal and External and define, design, develop, deploy and deliver service design, strategic designs, SEO,business model designs, marketing and user experience designs.
Instructor & Lecturer | Co-Designed 'We Are'
I have served as an Instructor and Lecturer in the following courses at Indiana University Bloomington: Design Entrepreneurship, Social Informatics, Organizational Informatics, Human Centered Computing, Human Computer Interaction, WFR & EMT amongst others
A Better Appraisal Corp.
Founder | CEO | Head of Strategic Design | Chief Marketing Officer
Designed all aspects of the business model, strategies, marketing, SEO, operations, strategic partnerships and growth plans. Lead the company from idea through transition to a privately held national appraisal management company valued as high as $520M.
Strategic Business Design Consultant & Global Speaker on Design Thinking
Worked with executive teams and principles of startups, small businesses and large corporations as a consultant, advisor and trainer across many industries helping them to design their business models, marketing & growth in a holistic and systemic way.
Rapid Design Team: Intel
We looked at the specificity of the device and then imagined a new realm of possibility of how these could be used beyond the boundaries of a one time experience and created a design brief. We developed a working prototype using the unreleased technology.
Rapid Design Team: Dicks Sporting Goods ~ Marketing, Re-Branding, Strategy
The purpose of the design was to really cement DICK’S Sports local involvement, support of local sports and showcase the offerings that are available in each local store. This included multichannel marketing & systems to track local inventory.


Award Winning Design: Intel Perceptual Computing ~ Experience, UX, Product & Business Model Design

Story Time - Engaged Learning Hear a story. Engage in the story. Create your own. Changed the dynamic of 1 person telling a story and children passively listening. With Story Time the reader and audience are both empowered with voice and motion in a many to many, many to 1 or 1 to many model.

Award Winning Design: IBM Watson - Global Patents ~ Experience, UX, Product & Business Model Design

IBM & Watson could play in helping the USPTO fulfill that mandate in an efficient and sustainable way, provide greater access to patent information and innovative ideas for the lay person and presented the possibility of a model for IBM to be the service provider globally in this space.

Award Winning Design: Whirlpool - Innovative Design ~ Experience, Product & Business Model Design

The design re-imagined the kitchen in a way that conforms to the user, is environmentally friendly and created a completely new and more profitable business model for Whirlpool that reduces their sales cycle times, creates brand loyalty, includes profit maximizers and long tail sales opportunities.

Award Winning Design: Ride Amigos ~ Experience, Strategic, UX, UI, System & Business Model Design

The design improved the user experience and did so in a way that collected useable data for Ride Amigos to iterate and customize the experience for each client, the community and system in which they were working. The UX & UI was designed to increase conversions, usage and long term client value.

Award Winning Design: Sapient Nitro ~ Experience, Strategy, Branding, Marketing & Growth Design

Sapient Nitro | Dicks Sports How do brick and mortar stores get people into their locations? This design focused on the experience (Online and offline), marketing and positioning the current operations to capitalize where they are were already positioned to be the leader in the space.

Award Winning Design: Buckminster Fuller Museum Installation ~ Full Immersive Experience Design

Inspired by Bucky's words -"If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking." We used the latest in technology & the internet of things to explore the mind of Buckminster Fuller.



Masters Degree - Human Computer Interaction Design (HCID) ~ Strategic Design | School of Informatics
Bachelors - (Designed My Own Degree) Human Centered Computing, New Media, Digital Storytelling
Graduate: New Science of Leadership Ontological and Phenomenological models.
Ground Instructor with Advanced Ratings & Pilots License



brand strategy content marketing digital marketing marketing strategy Experience Design social media strategy email marketing growth hacking Business Model Design Complete Marketing Blueprints incl. SEO


Basecamp Facebook Advertising Google AdWords Facebook Power Editor Google Analytics Hootsuite Kickstarter Indiegogo Wordpress Yoast Issuu LinkedIn Mailchimp Twitter Mixpanel


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Industries I love

Advertising & Marketing Animals & Pets Consumer Products Ecommerce Education Music Professional Services Real Estate & Property Social Enterprise Tech

What I read

There are only 16 companies on the S&P 500 considered to be "Design Centric" and they outperform the rest of the S&P by 228% . I read everything I can to help companies become Design Centric: FastCo, Business Model Design, Marketing, Experience Design...

Side projects

I am a social entrepreneur (Corporate Hippy) and am always involved in furthering the cause of environmental, socially responsible, culturally impactful entrepreneurs. I teach and speak on Strategic Design, Design Thinking and Design Entrepreneurship.

Ideal team

I love innovative, creative, design thinking decision makers that can see the holistic view of the Business (as a system) along with the granular (the parts) that are willing to be bold and take action. I prefer rapid design, lean and agile environments.