Alexandra D.

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I am a freelance journalist, photographer and academic researcher. I cover Southeast Asia's politics, economy, human rights, environment.

  • Bangkok, Thailand
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Alexandra D.
Bangkok, Thailand



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I am a freelance journalist,photographer and academic researcher based in Bangkok. For 5 years I have been covering (Southeast) Asia for Slovak and international media. I have total of 10 years experience in print,web,radio and audiovisual media.

Work history

contributing writer
A few months ago I began contributing to Asian Correspondent - an Asian wide English language web media. I began by covering sexual minorities and selective justice topics in Thailand and continued further to focus on Cambodia's issues and news analysis.
Asia Correspondent
Since September 2010 I worked as a correspondent for Slovak public radio covering Thailand and other Southeast Asia, as well as China, Koreas, Japan, Bangladesh and India. The range of topics included hot news, politics, economy, society and culture.
research and teaching assistant
For roughly 2 years I took on freelance and part-time jobs as teaching and research assistant to several professors at Faculty of Political Science, TU. The range of research topics included democratization, energy development and economy or human rights.
freelance production assistant
On and off for about 4 - 5 years as a freelance assistant to production I worked for a production company participating on different kinds of projects: film and television, film and music festivals and events, as well as script translations.



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Industries I love

Education Media Travel

What I read

Daily newspapers; websites such as Asian Correspondent, Project Syndicate, The Economist,...; I follow daily posts from (I)NGOs such as Human Rights Watch, Transnational Institute,...; BOOKS: factual, history, spiritual, Buddhism, fiction.

Side projects

In my free time I like to do activism and raise awareness about human rights, environment, animal rights and species/ecosystems conservation through events, interactive workshops of film festivals. I do pro-bono media and PR advisory work for NGOs.

Ideal team

I prefer to work alone or in small groups - pair or three persons. I can accomodate larger groups though. I've worked in different environment - busy news offices full of people, alone as a freelancer, in newsrooms, in the field and in hierarchies.