Julianne M.

  • Joined March 2015

25. Social Media guru & Graphic Designer. Artist. Festival Production coordinatoe.

  • New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
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Julianne M.
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

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BFA Massachusetts College of Art Graduate 2014
Director of Social Media at ART+DESIGN Magazine 2014-current
Junior Graphic Designer at ART+DESIGN magazine 2014-current
Social Media Manager for PORTER LYONS Designs LLC 2014-current

Work history

Content Creator
Pitching & creating email campaigns, product photography, designing invitations, event flyers promotional content, & sales promotions Implementing &managing social media campaigns


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What I read

I love graphic novels. Any chuck Palahniuk book.

Side projects

I am a painter and printmaker. Outside of work, I am constantly making art and having shows around the USA. I love to travel and hike. I love cooking