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6+ years experience blogging with Wordpress, now serving small business professionals with SEO, social media/blog management, and design

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Julie F.
Where the Wind Blows



I started out with my own blog, which is still ongoing, and have learned a myriad of skills that can now transfer to others. I've now been able to help small businesses to move forward with their brand development and online persona.

Work history

Website design and creation, graphic design, brand development
I helped Maureen with creating her website from the ground-up after a less than honorable "web designer" left her hanging $1200 in the hole. She had a clear vision for what she wanted in her site, and we worked together to make it happen.
Website Design and Development
I worked with the developer to create a website design according to Nuket's likes and preferences for her site and pre-determined brand identity. We collaborated to ensure that the process went smoothly and fulfilled the vision she had for the site.
Executive Assistant to the CEO
I have been helping Frank, the CEO, with client relationships and his outbound marketing strategy to enhance client relationships, communication, and awareness of events available to them.
Whitney Nicely
Virtual Assistant
I helped Whitney on a project she had to create a sellable workbook for a real estate class she holds. The workbook was already pre-written, but needed formatting, organization, and design work to bring it to completion, finalizing with self-publishing.


Brand Board for Maureen LaMarca's Brand Identity Development

Maureen came to me with a mess of an issue, and I worked to help bring her vision to life. Her clear idea of precisely what she wanted to create made the process seamless and smooth.

Blog Management and Operations

This blog has been mine from the ground up. Content creation, headline development, SEO research, graphic design, Wordpress management, newsletter creation, and so much more.

Book Formatting, Design, Editing, & Self-Publishing

I wrote, formatted, designed the cover and inner design style, edited the work, and fulfilled final publishing through CreateSpace to provide an amazing ebook and hard copy for sale.


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