Kaili B.

  • Joined June 2015

Graphic Designer + Web Developer

  • Tampa, Florida
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Kaili B.
Tampa, Florida



I opened my freelance design studio, Utterly Chaotic, in October of 2010. Initially, my focus was on military spouse bloggers (like myself at the time), but over time I have begun to focus more on building websites for authors and book bloggers.


Not seeking work


  • Available during business hours, evenings, and weekends


What I read

I am absolutely obsessed with just about any book that will help me when it comes to freelancing, graphic design, or web design. When it comes to reading for pleasure, I am more of a suspense kind of girl.

Side projects

I have also worked with beauty bloggers, photographers, small businesses, and so on. I also do quite a bit of print work, mainly for my author clients' swag bags that they give their readers at book signing events.