Kate L.

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Curious creative. Entrepreneurial mind. Sucker for impeccable branding and design. Excited to work with you!

  • Philadelphia, PA, United States
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Kate L.
Philadelphia, PA, United States



I've worked in large corporate companies to small scrappy startups to on my own when starting a company. I'd consider myself a very successful generalist, but with strong skills in social & digital strategy, marketing, biz dev, & media.


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What I read

Many things! Love everything Ryan Holiday as it relates to Marketing; NY Mag (their section called the 'The Cut') & The Atlantic put out some great articles. Also, I'm a frequent reader of creative publications such as Kinfolk and Frankie.

Side projects

Launched a startup weekend for bands in New Orleans after raising 20K and organizing/executing weekend long event (featured in Huffington Post). Currently helping launch a leisurewear brand called Bearkat. Otherwise, creative mornings & startup scene