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Katherine S.

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Katherine has over 15 years of experience writing about health, education, and lifestyle for various businesses and publishers.

  • Houston, TX, USA
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Katherine S.
Houston, TX, USA



Have written for:
*Beach House Center for Recovery
*Bird Watcher's Digest
*Highlights for Children
*Institute for Writers
*The Menninger Clinic
*Old Farmer's Almanac
*Shady Oak Primary School
*The Upper Room
*Writer's Digest

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Ghost Blogger (volunteer)
"Through purposeful education, we create a culture based around child-centered learning. No one enjoys being micro-managed. So why should we do that to our children? A child-centered education gives our students a choice in how they learn."
Freelance Ghostwriter
"At Beach House, our unique formula for a future free from addiction is a three-part blend of people, purpose, and passion that guarantees our clients a successful recovery and a lifetime that’s joyously free of the stranglehold of drugs and alcohol."
Freelance Blogger (ghost)
"Our dual-diagnosis approach is what sets us apart from many other detox centers. This method allows us to treat not only the physical symptoms of drug detoxification, but also to address the underlying causes."
Freelance Writer
"We believe that people can and do change. Lakeview Health serves as a beacon of light for patients seeking help and hope. We’re passionate about supporting people through their transition to recovery."
Freelance Blogger
"Kemah Palms Recovery provides hope and healing for individuals recovering from substance abuse and addiction by treating each day as a promise to their future, not as a consequence of their past."
Freelance Writer
Major online database for mental-health-related articles.
Freelance Ghostwriter
"A nationally ranked leader in the treatment of serious mental illness. Menninger clinicians have expertise in many disorders, including: anxiety, addiction, bipolar disorder, depression, personality disorders, suicide attempts and self-harm."
Freelance Writer/Contributing Editor
Major continuing-education provider of courses and articles/books for freelance writers. Mission: to help writers develop professional careers.


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