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I have a great passion for writing and can cover a wide range of topics, from topical writing to listicles to informative blog posts.

  • Phoenix, AZ, USA
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Kathryn Z.
Phoenix, AZ, USA



Copywriting SEO Content



I worked as my army unit's public affairs representative, writing and editing articles for publication about their activities. I have also worked as freelancer for two years, writing about many topics. Most of my work is anonymous blog posts and articles.

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Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) Vs. Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
An explanation of the differences between MJF and SLS nylon printing techniques.
What is Additive Manufacturing?
An explanation of additive manufacturing in a 3D printing context.
Jawstec Offers Advanced 3D Printing Using Multi-Jet Fusion
An introduction Jawstec's Multi-Jet Fusion printing capabilities.
The Advantages of CNC Machining
An explanation of CNC machining and what advantages it brings to clients.
What Does the Future Hold for 3D Printing?
How will 3D printing change in the future? This article explains the way this technology is growing and why manufacturers should get onboard with their technological revolution.
3D Printing – Ideas for Students
A listicle of fun 3D printing projects for students.
What Advantages Does 3D Printing Offer?
3D printing offers some unique advantages that can't be found in any other manufacturing method.


Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) Vs. Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

MJF and SLS are two techniques used to 3D print nylon. Each has their own unique advantages and disadvantages. which are discussed here.

Jawstec Offers Advanced 3D Printing Using Multi-Jet Fusion

Jawstec makes use of multi-jet fusion, a high tech form of 3D printing that provides quick production turnaround and almost limitless design freedom.




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My book, Valor: Tales of Courage from Other Worlds, was published on Amazon Kindle in Autumn 2018.

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I enjoy working with a small team. As a general rule, if you give me a topic, I can do my own research and turn up a great piece in a few days, If you want something more specific or personal, I will ask for more details.