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Katia B.

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  • Joined October 2018

Video Editor

  • Cerisy-la-Forêt, France
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Katia B.
Cerisy-la-Forêt, France

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I've been working in video production for more than 5 years. I got my BA in New York and started working in video production right after graduation. I also worked as producer on TV (back in Russia), and became freelancer after moving to France.

Work history (Good2Work Project)
Project Manager/ Editor
During my work in this company I managed projects from scratch: had to find and establish contact with potential clients, organised video shoots, was responsible for editing videos, transcribed and translated video interviews.
My sister and I created an online store for product videos/ads. Works like any e-commerce: choose product (video style), select aspect ratio, add info needed for us to create your video; add it to your cart, pay and get your product video!
In this company I was responsible for producing a program called Beauty Embassy, which is basically a Russian version of a makeover show. This particular season was filmed in Paris. My job was to organise video shoots and manage filming crew.
Apostol Media Group (Apologet)
My duty was to produce two documentaries from "5 Senses" series for Russia-2 TV Channel - Vision and Smell. Here are links to both films: Vision - Smell -
Freelance Video Editor
For past couple of years I was working as freelancer via Upwork. Decided to add it here because there, on my profile, I have feedbacks from my clients.


Product Video Ad Example

Example of e-commerce video where I found all materials to be used in the video including product description.

Product Review Example

This is one of the series of product review videos that I made with product description, pointers to show what reviewer is talking about. I mostly had to get the description myself.

FB Ad, Photo/Video Compilation Example

Compilation of provided photos and some videos for Facebook Ad

Interview Edit Example

I was given about 40 minutes of raw footage + a lot of b-roll and had to cut it down to under 5 minutes coherent story. And later transcribe it, translate it to English from French and put subtitles on it. Client was happy with the job done!

Example of Fact Videos

For this project I had to create a series of videos based on facts. So my job was to come up with topics in fitness, health, nutrition areas, get them approved by my client and create them from royalty free videos and images. Plus, I had to create animated intro and outro for these videos.

Fitness Video Example

My job was to edit existing footage into a half an hour workout.


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