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I am a writer and content strategist with the ability to translate the words from a company into a message their audience wants to hear.

  • Denver, CO, United States
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Kayla A.
Denver, CO, United States

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After working in a newsroom learning the ins and outs of journalism and social media, I went on to establish and manage a blog and content strategy for one of the country's largest public pension funds -- all the while moonlighting as a freelance writer.

Work history

Community Manager
• Edited an average of 60 user submitted stories each week using the Methode CMS • Posted content to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts on a daily basis • Pitched story ideas, conducted interviews, and wrote articles
Social Media/Content Strategist
• Designed, launched, maintained a blog using Wordpress • Wrote and edited blogs geared towards millennials and personal finance • Established a content/social media strategy and built a following on 5 different platforms •
Freelance Writer
Wrote original personal finance content on topics ranging from budgeting to debt management. Blogs republished on Lifehacker, Military.com, and Business Insider.
Freelance Writer
Wrote original personal finance topics ranging from acquiring a mortgage to saving on monthly bills. Blogs republished on TIME.
Think Simple Now
Freelance Writer
Wrote blogs on personal growth topics ranging from navigating relationships to creating a balanced life.


How My Relationship to Money Completely Changed in My 20s

While I only have a few decades of life experience behind me, I can say the most substantial personal growth has occurred in the years between my early and late twenties. Relationships ended, new ones began, and a decade that started with certain career aspirations saw others come into fruition.

Are You a Risky Borrower? 4 Ways to Find Out

Most people will tell you that acquiring a mortgage can be a lengthy, complicated process. Throw into the mix a few credit blemishes or a heavy debt burden, and the path to homeownership can suddenly become an uphill battle.

Children's Hospital Colorado benefits from castoffs of high-end goods

Hanging above the cash register in La Cache, a consignment shop brimming with high-end furniture, china and jewelry, is a check made out to Children's Hospital Colorado for about $3 million.

The Illusion of Time

Stating that I didn’t exercise because I didn’t have time sounded entirely reasonable to me. But when I changed it to say, “I don’t exercise because taking care of my body is not a priority,” I suddenly felt completely out of alignment with that excuse. I knew that it didn’t sit well with me because

The Benefits of Procrastinating

We’ve all been there – staring bleary eyed at a computer screen, digging deep for motivation or inspiration that seems to have taken a temporary hiatus just when we need it most. Or, glued to the television set, watching the minutes tick by as the guilt of procrastination ruminates in our stomach.

Going on a Road Trip? You'll Want to Check Out These FREE Apps

If the warmer days have you itching to throw your suitcase in the car and hit the open road, there are plenty of apps to help you maximize your experience without maxing out your budget. Whether you need to find cheap gas or a hotel that won’t break the bank, you’ll want to check these out.



University of Colorado at Denver
English Writing



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