Kayse C.

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Hi, I'm Kayse!. I have three years of social media experience & am always looking to grow & further my knowledge to excel in my career.

  • Las Vegas, NV, United States
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Kayse C.
Las Vegas, NV, United States

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Three years ago I got hired to do the social media fora Real Estate brokerage. I worked there for about a 1 1/2 years and then was offered an opportunity to work for a full service marketing firm. I am currently working as the Social Media Director.

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Director of Operations/Social Media Direcor
Responsibilities include: being responsible for constant content creation for over 20 different retaining clients, as well as HR/Admin related tasks including accounting/payroll, data entry, hiring/processing duties and some assistant related duties.
Marketing Director
Responsibilities include: creating constant content for all social media platforms, biweekly email marketing, creating/designing mailers to send out and interviewing/hiring potential vendors to work with the real estate agents on the team.
Bank of America
Merchant Teller
Assisting customers with their business and personal banking transactions by processing their deposits/withdraws, receiving large batches of checks/coin to process in bulk, interacting with customers to offer more convenient solutions to do their banking.
Blue Martini
Interacting with customers by greeting them at the door, processing local specials cards, and attending to any additional guest request.


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