Kelsey M.

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Writer. Media. Theatre. Insatiable curiosity. In eternal pursuit of beauty, meaning, sensation.

  • Chicago, Illinois, United States
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Kelsey M.
Chicago, Illinois, United States



Degrees in Theatre and Cinema + Media Studies apply to everything.

Leadership Intern/Event Planner. Barista. Editorial Intern. Talent Production Assistant. Speech Team Judge. Production Stage Manager. Theatrical Literary + Dramaturgy Intern.


Not seeking work


  • Available evenings and weekends


What I read

I love poetry + plays. Currently: "No Matter the Wreckage," by Sarah Kay and Kafka's "Metamorphosis." I read articles that pop up on my FB wall and Twitter feed. Social justice, theatre, technology, and science related news.

Side projects

Existing in the exploratory year following undergrad, I dabbled in multiple creative projects and part-time employment. My recent venture is to build my own written + social media content.