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Kiale R.

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  • Joined April 2019

My top skills in video editing are being able to turn around client(s) videos in a timely matter. I can do Green screening, documentary edit

  • Brisbane City QLD, Australia
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Kiale R.
Brisbane City QLD, Australia



My journey started when I was 10 taking my first photos of the Moon then editing them. My video career starting only 2 years ago when I started editing videos for Youtube clients.

Work history

JMC Academy
Video Editor
In this role i was tasked with editing 30sec Ad segments for anime live series.
JMC Academy
In this role i was tasked with maintaining a working relationship Actors and crew to director a 15min live series. Roles I watch over as Director: Actors, Camera, Lighting, Set dressing and some production.


Mountain Bike Doco Rough-cut editor: Kiale Ritchie

1) Client goals we're to make a rough-cut to show there clients. 2) I was task with being the main editor for the rough cut as you can see from the video provide and it being a rough-cut there was things to fix which we're fixed my the 2nd editor for the main-cut

Gaming Montage for Itsprozley Gaming - Youtube Editor: Kiale Ritchie

1) Clients goals for this Clip where to make 4:10 montage of clip he has recorded over the past we or from streams he has done. 2) I was first point of contact for this Youtuber for Montage Editing.


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