Kimberly H.

  • Joined March 2015

Combo of DrWho (witty problem-solver) + Amazon (fierce warrior fighting for my clients) + ray of sunshine (I like to laugh) #WhoAmI

  • Bedminster, NJ, United States
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Kimberly H.
Bedminster, NJ, United States



Led product & engineering teams to build first-ever developer community & B2B cloud app marketplace for CA Technologies. Drove project & built adoption for internal MetLife collaboration & community space.


Not seeking work


  • Available during business hours, evenings, and weekends


What I read

Sci-fi, Fantasy, & Cyberpunk in the evenings & on vacations. Lean, Agile, UEx, technical, & strategy stuff during the day. In the morning, a scan of the NYTimes, Slashdot, Re/code, Gigaom (before it died), & 538. Twitter and Facebook happen all day.

Side projects

Revamping all marketing for Raritan Headwaters Association, environmental nonprofit, and for a professional services small business.