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KJ loves to get in-depth with the best research available to create informative articles, blog posts, or guides on a variety of subjects.

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Starting out with academic writing, I was thrilled at the chance to write for a travel & hospitality company (Trivago), and went on create passage and question sets for two test prep companies (one was Kaplan) and now I do articles, blog posts and guides

Work history

Content Development
I create content for Kaplan upon request, and so far have worked on 3 projects for them. I wrote many MCAT CARS (Critical Analysis & Reasoning) passages and question sets for them, then DAT Reading Comprehension passage and question sets as well.
Content Writer - Freelance
For Trivago, I wrote a series of hotel descriptions and meta reviews highlighting the features, provisions, and surrounding points of interest of hotels and resorts across the globe.
301 Digital Media
I wrote numerous articles for 301 Digital's websites, including Outward On, Oh My Veggies, Wably, Beauty Hacked, and Healthy Tips/Kind You. Subjects varied from health-related topics, environment/climate, recipes, and news pieces on a variety of subjects.
Freelance Content Writer
I write research articles, blog posts, and in-depth guides for Zipfworks upon request. Topics vary significantly, and word count ranges from 1500 - 3000 words depending on the type of assignment.
Shopper Advocate
Freelance Contributor
I write about green energy products for Shopper Advocate upon request.


Dumpster Dining & Other Unique Ways People are Reducing Food Waste

From eating in a dumpster to buying "ugly produce" to giving uneaten food to the needy, ideas are o' plenty in the realm of food waste reduction

The Top Health Benefits of the Life-Changing Coffee Enema

Never heard of it? There's a reason for that. Come on in and see what we found interesting about this not-so-new but oh-so-intriguing health ritual!

The Ancient Book of Deer: Oldest Known Gaelic Text in Existence

Currently housed at the University of Cambridge Library, the historic Book of Deer is said to have been discovered by the University's librarian, Henry Bradshaw, around 1860. It is said to be the only pre-Norman manuscript revealing tenth century northeastern Scottish culture's society...

The Top 17 Vegetarian Restaurants in Chicago

Vegetarians will definitely NOT go hungry searching for great dining options in the city of Chicago! Depending upon your mood, you can find something in nearly every neighborhood for vegetarian and even vegan preferences. From classic American fare to Mexican, Indian and soul food made vegetarian...

Green Roofs Offer Flood Solutions & Biodiversity

With the risk of flooding a persistent and growing concern for many cities, some engineers have developed an innovative green solution. The concept of green roofs is taking hold across the globe, with successful examples leading the way from Toronto to NYC, the UK to Portland, Paris, Denver...

The Mysterious Nuragic Civilization of Ancient Sardinia

Throughout the ancient island of Sardinia, the story of the indigenous Nuragic civilization lies obscured by unanswered questions. Although one can examine thousands of their laboriously-assembled structures, megalithic graves, and meticulously-crafted artwork and figurines, the greatest...


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