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Absolutely passionate to understand how things work, create and improve systems and help organisations make the most of their tech.

  • Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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LB (Ben) J.
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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Over the course of my professional journey, I have found a passion in breaking down how systems and processes operate, how information flows within an organisation and how these things can be improved.

Work history

Business Manager
Over the last five years, I have been hands on in our organisation to help us double our staff, bring all our accounting systems to a completely digital and cloud-based world, build up a knowledge base within the team and overhaul event management systems
Operations Manager
After migrating Youth Alive to Google Apps as a contractor I came on staff for a year and a half, during this time I implemented a new online new accounting platform, built a ticketing system and supported our hundreds of volunteers to run major events.
Custom Meteor (Javascript) Realtime Application
Contracted to build and maintain multi-user and real-time incident management system for a community organisation offering a professional response to the crises, risks or needs of people.
Contracted for Zoho Creater development
Enable the existing staff (non-programmers) to make the most of a custom database solution using Zoho Creator, building core functionality and handing it off to their team for future.
Custom Python Software for Email to CRM
Built a custom Google App Engine system that provided a simple way for WRS to send files to their customer relationship management system XPLAN eliminated an entirely manual process from an existing system.

Reviews and references


Geoff Blight

To whom it may concern, Ben Johnston has been a much valued and vital member of our Life team for over five years. He has consistently demonstrated the highest levels of integrity and work ethic. As our Operations/ business manager Ben has excelled in: monitoring the sizable budget of our church, facilitating meetings and communication, establishing and maintaining our IT networks and data base Ben is a much loved member of our team and will be very much missed Geoff Blight Senior Pastor


12WOW Event Planning Framework

Throughout the last ten years, I have consistently been running events in some way or another with my various paid and volunteer roles. More recently I have been preparing a framework that contains all that I have learned in a structured way and I hope to build a product out of it.

ChERP (Church ERP/CRM/Database)

I have had the incredible opportunity to work with very skilled developers on an ERP/CRM-like system to manage contacts, events, and groups with an online database. I have loved the data model that I developed and the chance to build something that is used every day.

Management of $5m+ Insurance Project

This project took place over ten months and stretched my capacity considerably, I was the point contact between two organisations and a very large insurance claim. I was able to bring my information management and mediation skills to the forefront and work with very talented people along the way.



Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing, Bachelor of Information Systems
Graduate Certificate in Ministry



Information Systems Meteor Javascript Administration Event Planning Information Management Problem Solving Systems Thinking Strategy


Trello Google Apps Google Docs Google Spreadsheets Toggl Basecamp Guidebook Eventbrite Github Bootstrap InDesign Photoshop Mailchimp Saasu Planning Center Online


Not seeking work


  • Available weekends only


  • Can work 16hrs per week
  • Can commit to <1 month


Industries I love

Construction & Infrastructure Events Philanthropy Professional Services Science Tech

What I read

Online; Azeem Azhar: The Exponential View' plus Hacker News, Techcrunch and Ars Technica.
Offline; Science Fiction, Biographies, Systems/Information Mangement and Futurist books mostly.

Side projects

I maintain a small open source module for the Meteor Javascript framework, help out Youth Alive Queensland as a board member, and oversee the production team at my local church plus I am working on an event planning guide.

Ideal team

Historically I have thrived in a place where I can come alongside a strong vision, bring together an assortment of skills, teams, and systems towards that primary goal.