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Lorenzo H.

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  • Joined August 2016

I am a passionate web developer building awesome experiences. I have experience with building web sites and web apps.

  • El Paso, TX, United States
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Lorenzo H.
El Paso, TX, United States

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Development Design Strategy



I'm a motivated and eager Front-end Developer looking for an opportunity to grow and learn.

Work history

Front-end Web Developer
Developed the front-end for web sites and web apps. Used lanuguages: html, css, javascript, and javascript libraries.
Sector 7 Designs
Web Designer
Designed web sites and apps using photoshop and hand coded html and css.


Project Neighborhood Map

A single-page web application that displays a Google Map of an area. Users can search landmarks and, when selected, additional information is presented from multiple APIs.

Project Testing Suite

Wrote comprehensive unit tests, using the Jasmine testing framework, for an RSS Feed Reader application that uses Google's RSS API.

Frogger Clone Game

An HTML5 Canvas powered video game, developed using the best practices in Object Oriented JavaScript.

Web site Optimization

Optimized an inefficient web application's JavaScript, CSS and assets delivery, ensuring it runs at 60fps and achieves a PageSpeed score of at least 90.



Front-end Web Developer Nanodegree



HTML CSS javascript Javascript Frameworks APIs web design website audits responsive web development web application development web optimization


Photoshop Illustrator Github Hootsuite Slack Canva


Not seeking work


  • Available during business hours, evenings, and weekends


  • Can work 60hrs per week
  • Can commit to 3-6 months


Industries I love

Health & Wellness Professional Services Social Enterprise

What I read

Web Designers Depot, Eloquent Javascript,

Ideal team

I have the ability to conform to any team size or style. The only client and/or management style I have a hard time working with is a micro-manager.