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Personality psychology researcher and consultant.

  • Toronto, ON, Canada
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Lily Y.
Toronto, ON, Canada

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Lily Yuan is a personality psychology researcher and consultant based in Toronto.

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Guides and articles on the Big 5, Briggs & Myers, DISC, Holland Codes, and Enneagram models of personality.
Guest Blogger
Guides and musings on the Enneagram model of personality, blog by Susan Storm, certified MBTI® practitioner.
Creative Director
Founder of, a blog on personality personality under different domains of knowledge.
Contributing Writer
Canada's #1 job search site and catalog for students and early career professionals.
Project Consultant
Health and wellness savvy coaching and consulting startup promoting actionable results.
Writer & Researcher
Guide and database to help graduates and professionals pursue a career that is fulfilling, financially viable, and values-matching.


4 Lesser-Known Personality Tests to Explore

The classic Myers-Briggs personality inventory is one of the most popular and renowned personality profiling systems. With over 88 percent of the Fortune 500 currently using it, it holds the crown as the choice questionnaire for people development and team-fit processes worldwide.

Guide: Alternative Personality Psychology Theories

Type theories and trait theories are all in the rage: from the Kiersey four-type profiler to the HEXACO system. Many other viewpoints in personality psychology are overlooked or brushed to the side altogether, as they are extraordinarily difficult to quantify and measure empirically.

5 Personality Psychology Buzzwords (and Their Synonyms)

The field of personality psychology is already full of hypothetical constructs (i.e. ideas difficult to quantitatively measure), and complex jargon. With the rise of hyper-niche typology groups and forums on the Internet, it’s easy for new terms to slip into common, everyday lingo.

Personality and Compatibility: Romantic and Platonic

Compatibility is an innately complex term to define—as with any concept intertwined with emotions or relationships. Two healthy individuals can be compatible in theory, personality-wise, and witness their relationship burn down in flames.

Personality and Digital Media: A Look at Big Data

Over 140 billion Tweets and 3 billion Snaps are shared each day, worldwide, on average. With each digital media platform shouting for attention left and right, how susceptible is anyone’s personality and self-identity to social media?

Personality and UX: User Personas, Design, and HCI

Psychographics and personality traits encompass the UX (user experience) realm and predict which users and customers are most likely to use and purchase a certain product or service.



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