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I love to write. I have an expansive vocabulary and a unique tone of voice. My passion for the written word is rarely paralleled.

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Patrick R.
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I have accumulated significant life experience through extensive employment and travel opportunities. I studied Sociology and Political Science at Tulane University. I've worked as a paralegal, litigation assistant, administrative assistant and tutor.

Work history

Professional Writer
Professional Writer
Writer for a variety of online outlets and private clients. Duties include copywriting, ghostwriting and editing for company websites and blogs.
Fulton, Friedman & Gullace
Coordinated service of defendants across seven states. Maintained conformity to unique service regulations of each state. Prepared and reviewed legal documents for quality assurance. Performed mass mailings to courts, defendants and opposing counsel.


Please see note below. I will further modify this section upon my writer profile's approval.

Hello, I have written thousands of articles. However, few bear my name. The vast majority are posted under a pseudonym. The majority of my clients are barred from seeing my last name due to platform confidentiality restrictions. I have provided two links to articles I wrote for a private client.

If You Could Live Forever, Would You? Cambridge Scientist Talks “Brain Uploading”

This article delves into the topic of immortality through uploading one's consciousness to a computer. The content is both philosophical and technical in nature. The link to the article is pasted below. I included this link as it includes my full name, proving that I am the content creator.

Why a Guaranteed Minimum Income Will Soon Be Considered a Human Right

This piece is centered on economic justice as well as existentialism. I make the case for a universal basic income for all human beings. Though controversial, this subject matter will soon take center stage as a popular debate topic. I included this link as it includes my full name.



Tulane University
Sociology & Political Science
South University
Paralegal Certificate



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Industries I love

Advertising & Marketing Animals & Pets Consumer Products Ecommerce Entertainment Gaming Government Health & Wellness Sports Tech

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Fiction, news, the web, magazines, blogs, anything with the written word

Side projects

I've composed blog content, e-mails, social media content, short stories, academic pieces and much more.

Ideal team

I am extremely flexible. I enjoy working one-on-one as well as with numerous others. I am also content working by myself with minimal direction.