Linh D.

  • Joined November 2014

Linh Do is an environmentalist who specialises in online engagement, community organising and new media.

  • Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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Linh D.
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia



I'm an environmentalist with a background having worked across grassroots communities and at the international multilateral level. I specialise in community organising, media and communications and capacity building programs for people/organisations.


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What I read

I read a mix of long-form articles on things I know nothing about, books on management and productivity, alongside a good dose of young adult fiction. My favourite genre is post-modernism, especially Italo Calvino. One day, I'll finish Infinite Jest.

Side projects

My last side project, The Verb, has recently become my day job! Outside of my day job, I volunteer at a youth leadership camp, work with the Global Shapers community as the Melbourne curator and occasionally organise early morning dance parties.